R.I.P. Paulo Mattioli


Hello my friends,

For many years Paulo Mattioli co-facilitated the big NAMM show Drum Circle along with Christine Stevens and myself.

Beating all the odds, Paulo fought his brain cancer, subdued it and showed up very much alive at last years NAMM show.

With the kind of brain cancer that he had it was a miracle that he was there and fully functioning.

His statement to the circle participants “Im just so happy to be here” came from a deep appreciation of what little time we have on this planet.

Paulo Mattioli was on hospice and knew that these were his last days. The cancer had came back with a vengeance, but what we hear is that he was peaceful and at peace with the situation.

Paulo was intelligent, creative, a great player, and passionately on the rhythm evangelism mission path.

As a pioneer in our community, Paulo found his own unique way of serving our community while being his true self.

After a lot of pioneering work, he had carved out a great nitch for himself with out pretending to be other that who he was.
Paulo had a great future for himself and had a lot more to give and teach us.

It is our loss that his life was cut short.

He will be missed.

Life, as well as death, is a dance Arthur {]]’;-/

Arthur Hull


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