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It’s very late at night on the very Beginning of the New Year. Near dawn actually, and I’m reflecting on the goodness that has come our way …

We’ve been fortified by so many :: those that have helped DRUMSTRONG be such the ray of light and those that have received help :: all have contributed to the beat that perpetuates our pulse.

This past year has seen continued growth and participation.

Cancer health organizations globally have embraced our rhythm-driven platform and raised awareness and funds for their own initiatives through us. Extraordinary Artists have shared their hearts and talents. With the loving guidance of dedicated Rhythmists and Facilitators, over 50 cities in 15 countries drummed with us this past May.

DRUMSTRONG volunteers and drummers facilitated numerous Festivals & Drum Circles all last Summer & Fall engaging thousands. In October we presented and PLAYED at TEDx Charlotte!

We are steadfastly dedicated to supporting survivorship, education, research, and prevention in a unifying, participatory fashion.
And having fun! DRUMSTRONG 2012 is MAY 19th & 20 (30 non-stop hrs.)

Ahhh, Sunrise! A joyful welcome to the New Year. Hope it’s full of peace, happiness and good health.
Thank You for your support, commitment and belief in DRUMSTRONG,

“We all shine on :: like the moon and the stars and the sun :: yeah we all shine on :: everyone” .. John Lennon

.. join us!

REGISTRATION opens 1-1-12



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