7th annual DCFG conference

The 7th annual DCFG conference will be February 24 – 26 in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

The lineup of presenters is fantastic! Jim Boneau will be our keynote speaker. He is an internationally recognized leadership coach. He truly has a passion for igniting the development of professionals who are committed to the development of others.

  • Jackie McLaughlin, a CPA, will be doing a session on how to best track your business expenses for tax purposes and how to analyze your income to discover the best use of    marketing based on business analysis.
  • John Hayden of Jamtown is an expert on working with incorporating story telling with drum circles and working with toddlers.
  • Greg Whitt got a grant to study in Cuba and he will be sharing his story. He also will be sharing some really cool music technology that we can use in our circles.
  • Julie Corey will be guiding us through creating games and activities “on the fly.”
  • Karen Olson will be guiding us on using the underlying energy and unconscious elements that are in our circles along with increased use of melody. Karen is a world-renowned violist, Reiki master and holistic healer.
  • Nellie Hill will be taking us to East Africa by introducing songs and dance from Kenya.
  • Shorty Palmer will be demonstrating how to rehead rope tuned drums.
    Margaret Sowry developed the adolescent protocol for Health Rhythms. She will be at the conference sharing many anecdotal experiences she has experience using this program how important it is.
  • Arthur Hull rounds out this amazing program. He will be sharing his expertise on knowing your cliental and how the facilitate accordingly.

More details on these sessions can be found on the DCFG website (www.dcfg.net) and so can information on registration. Room rates change after February 1 so call now to reserve your room at this incredible beach resort in nice warm South Carolina!

Nellie Hill
President, DCFG


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